GF40U-FI is equipped with a newly developed fuel injection system and a 100W generator(Option). Its regulate rectifier is open type, which has less friction loss. Conventional Shunt regulate rectifier continuously emits surplus electricity converting to heat, which is nothing but waste. Permanent magnet generators generate electricity in proportion to engine rpm, so Shunt regulate rectifier is concerned to break down during continual high rpm operation. To overcome the issue, we have developed open type regulate rectifier corresponding to wide range input voltage. The new regulate rectifier regulates the output electricity according to input voltage and the output voltage coming from the DC converter. (Patent pending) The generator supplies only the needed electricity constantly over a wide rpm range, so mechanical friction loss is reduced improving fuel mileage with good response. The new ECU, powered by 32-bit CPU, controls fuel injection by reading values of throttle opening, engine rpm, pressure in the intake manifold, atmospheric pressure, temperature of intake air, and temperature of the engine to ensure optimal engine performance. The ECU provides the parameter of the above data in real time by CAN or serial communication. The new injection system does not have return tubes from the regulator valve and the engine because the sensors detect fuel line pressure directly. The ECU regulates the fuel pump and fuel supply constantly. The injector is a diversion part of a motor bike.

The specifications of the new fuel pump
Operating voltage: 12V
Volume flow rate: 120cc/min. (the discharge pressure: 300kPa)
Electric consumption: 5W