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Features of EM-100

The EM-100 is a multi-functional engine management system device for the purpose of operating and controlling a UAV engine consistently with the ability to monitor the running engine.

●Insulated type regulator

Equipped with two insulated type 6.0V regulator outputs (rated current 2A) for ignitors and one non-insulated type 7.4V regulator output (rated current 8A) for a receiver, the EM-100 prevents and shields excess noise generated by ignitors from affecting the receiver. You can turn on/off the 6.0V output via the transmitter to stop the engine.

●Governor control

Equipped with a governor, the EM-100 regulates the engine rpm in the desired range you set. Governor control is very useful for helicopter applications.

●Servo mixing by sensors

Conventional servos (Max. 8 pcs) and S.BUS servos (Max. 18 pcs) can receive the data collected by telemetry sensors and subsequently be used for automatic choke mixing, initial idling mixing, overheating alarm, and other functions.

●Telemetry display by S.BUS2

You can monitor the data from the onboard sensors such as remaining fuel, muffler and engine temperature, propeller rpm, altitude, battery voltage, and electric current all on the transmitter display in real time.

●CAN/RS485, two-way communication

Two-way communication is available between the ECU (note 1) and the main controller in a UAV (note 2) via CAN or RS485. This makes it possible to send various information including: temperature of the ECU, rpm, electric voltage etc. to the UAV’s main controller. Using this information it is possible to make even the most demanding UAV flights much safer.

※Note 1: ECU means engine control system such as fuel injection system.
※UAVNote 1: UAV main controller means automatic flight control device (autopilot) and surveillance/observation device.


  • SR-01 磁気回転センサー

    RPM Sensor(Magnet type)

    Detection range : 0 - 50,000r.p.m.


  • SR-02 ブラシレス回転計 回転センサー

    RPM Sensor(for brushless motor)

    Detection range : 0 - 50,000r.p.m.

  • ST-01 温度センサー

    ST-01Temperature Sensor

    Detection range : 0 - 300℃

  • SV-01電圧センサー

    SV-01Voltage Sensor

    Detection range : 0 - 100V

  • SC-01 電流センサー

    SC-01Current Sensor

    Detection range : -20 - +20A

  • SFL-01 燃料センサー

    SFL-01 Fuel Sensor

    Detection range : 0 - 100mm

  • U2S-1 USBアダプター

    U2S-1 USB adapter

    To connect PC-Link compatible devices change data settings