Features of OMM series motors

Low noise, low vibration overall rpm range

Your current problem: The motors produce loud noise and bad vibration at particular rpm or overall rpm range

⇒ Sympathetic vibration may be produced by poorly balanced motors. OMM series motors are well balanced one by one in the factory for less vibration and noise.

High rigidity, anti-distortion, long durability

Your current problem: The motors are easily damaged by small crashes and external impacts

⇒ The motors may have fragile structure due to excessive weight saving design. OMM series motors adopt large diameter main shafts and ball bearings made in Japan to reinforce axis strength and rigidity.

Effective heat dissipation, heat resistant

Your current problem: The motor RPMs go down as you operate the motors longer and the battery lasts shorter.

⇒ The motors may have accumulated heat and have lost efficiency. OMM series motors have built-in cooling fans and high temp Neodymium magnets and electric cables for heat resistance.

Dust protection, water resistant

Your current problem: The motors tend to be out of order under rainy or dusty circumstances.

⇒ Inside parts of the motor may have corroded or fixed fine particles in the motor may be disturbing motor rotation. OMM series motors do not have opening on the top, so that dust and rain do not go through. Main parts have surface treatment against corrosion. Ball bearings are made of stainless steel.

Easy installation

⇒ OMM series motors are developed especially for middle and large size multi-copters. Various propellers are applicable to them. Check applicable propellers and ESCs in the motor specifications are shown in the other page in this homepate.