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Features of OCM series ESCs

Features of OCM series ESCs

High quality, high efficiency, quick response Your current problem: Unable to operate a Multi-Rotor as desired

⇒Probably response of the ESC is slow because the cycle is long. The frequency of OCM-3 series is 600Hz Max and response lag to the flight controller is 0.0017 sec Max, which is 1.5 time faster than OCM-2 series. OCM-3 series enable PWM control and can control a Multi-Rotor without stress even when you need immediate recovery. New proprietary algorithm, with which the control program is made, enables smooth running motors at low-throttle and faster response under high-peak loads, while achieving long flight-time.

Low heat emission, high heat dissipation

Your current problem: The motor’s RPMs go down as you operate the motor longer and the battery lasts shorter.

⇒The ESC may have accumulated heat and have lost its efficiency. OCM-3 series have reduced 50% of heat emission compare to our company’s products. Adopting the unique Active Free Wheel circuit, OSM-3 series uses the energy efficiently, which used to be wasted as heat emission. The HV type has a full-aluminum case with heat sink with large surface area to efficiently dissipate the heat crated by electronic parts.

Compatible with wide range voltage

Your current problem: want to use low voltage or high voltage battery due to restriction of a Multi-Rotor

⇒OCM-3035 is compatible with 2-cell LiPo (7.4V) up to 8 cell high voltage Lipo (34.8V) power systems. HV spec. models of OCM-3 series is compatible with 3-cell LiPo (11.1V) up to 12-cell high voltage LiPo (52.2V).