GF40U2-FI(Under Development)

  • A starter generator system is newly installed based on the 4-stroke single-cylinder 40cc engine "GF40U-FI" with an electronically controlled fuel injection device.
  • A 200W class generator is mounted on the rear of the engine aligned with crank shaft and operates as a starter at start-up.
  • The ECU (engine control unit) equipped with a 32-bit CPU performs optimal management for the engine based on the throttle opening, engine speed, crank angle, atmospheric pressure, and cylinder head temperature.
  • The ECU provides the parameter information of the ECU such as engine speed, cylinder head temperature, throttle opening, and atmospheric pressure to the outside in real time by serial communication and CAN.

  • Product feature

    Product nameGF40U2-FI
    UsageEngine for fixed wing UAV
    Engine Type:Air cooled 4 stroke OHV engine
    Bore x stroke:40mm×31.8mm
    Maximum output:2.0kW(planned)
    Practical engine speed1,800~9,000r.p.m.
    Generator output:Maximum200W(20minute)/Continuity120W
    Direction of rotationCounterclockwise
    Weight(planned)2,800g (Engine with generator and silencer)
    1,400g (Total accessories)
    Starting method  Cell start
    FuelRegular gasoline mixed oil(50:1)
    Lubrication methodDepends on oil mixed fuel
    Fuel ConsumptionData not available
    Fuel supply device typeElectronically controlled fuel injection device
    Ignition CDI ignition
    Spark PlugM10mm(NGK CM-6 type)
    Released date(Planned)August 2023