2018/07/252018 JBRL Nitroシリーズ第4Adam Drake TQ & 優勝!!

7月14-15日 カリフォルニア州Beaumont Thunder Alley Raceway で行われた2018 JBRL Nitroシリーズ第4戦でOSサポートドライバーのADAM DRAKEがExpert BuggyクラスとOpen Truggyクラスで TQ & 優勝を獲得 使用エンジンはもちろんO.S.SPEED B21 Adam Drake です。

Round 4 of the 2018 JBRL Nitro Series was held at Thunder Alley Raceway in Beaumont, Ca. this past weekend.  The event had a great turnout with 200 entries.   Adam Drake was in control all day as he took the overall TQs in Expert Buggy and Open Truggy, Drake then went on to sweep the A-mains. In Expert Buggy Drake would take the win with a lap margin.  In Open Truggy it was again Drake.  He used O.S. SPEED B21 Adam Drake engine in the both categories.

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