Fixed-wing UAV dedicated engine which supports high altitude (around 3000m).


The ECU (Engine Control Unit) equipped with a 32-bit CPU performs optimal management for the engine based on the throttle opening, RPM, crank angle, atmospheric pressure, and cylinder head temperature.
Based on the engine that are available now, the 4-stroke single-cylinder 40cc engine GF40U-FI with an electronically controlled fuel injection device, the engine has a boxer type 2-cylinder engine with less vibration and a displacement of 80cc. A crank chamber pressure supercharging method that utilizes the change in the volume of the crank chamber as the piston moves up and down is adopted to achieve both low fuel consumption of a 4-stroke engine and high output comparable to that of a 2-stroke engine.
The ECU provides the parameter information of the ECU such as RPM, cylinder head temperature, throttle opening, and atmospheric pressure to the outside in real time by serial communication and CAN.
The fuel injection system does not require a regulator valve, the sensor directly reads the fuel line pressure, and the ECU controls the fuel pump to always ensure a stable fuel supply. This system adopts from GF40U-FI.


Typeair-cooled, 2-stroke, holizontally opposed two-cylinder OHV engine
Displacement79.92cc(39.96cc x 2)
Bore x Stroke40mm×31.8mm
Max. OutputEngine power and torque curve 
Practical rpm range1800~8000rpm
Weight3.4kg (ENGINE)
FuelMixed gasoline with 2-stroke oil
Fuel Supply EFI
Ignition PlugM10mm SPARK PLUG (CM-6)
Lubricationby mixed gasoline
Fuel ConsumptionSpecific fuel consumption