トップ > OMM-8010-135仕様


A 45.0
B 40.0
C 80.0
D 9.5
E 33.0
F 10.0
G 17.0
H 8.0
I Φ35/4-M4
J Φ40/4-M4(M4,M5)
K Φ20/4-M3
L Φ23/4-M4
M Φ25/4-M3
項目 Item 単位:unit
極 数 Poles 28
重 量(※1) Weight g 500(560)
リード線 長さ Wire Length mm 500
リード線 太さ Wire Gauge 14AWG
コネクタ凸 Male Connector mm 4.0
定格電圧 Rated Voltage (V/20℃) 44.4(12S Lipo)
定格電力 Rated Power (W/20℃) 670
定格電流(※2) Rated current (A/20℃) 15
最大電力 Maximum Power (W/180sec) 1,300
最大電流(※3) Maximum current (A/180sec) 25
無負荷電流 No-load current (A/@10V) 0.6
相間抵抗 Phase resistance 135
ステータ Slots 24
電圧範囲 Voltage Range V 22.2(6s Lipo)-52.2(12S LiHV)
KV値 KV rpm/V 135

※1 重量(リード線&コネクタ含む)/Weight (with wires & connector)




To maintain its full performance during operation, the motor needs to be cooled down by air, such as propeller slipstream. The wind speed for cooling should be more than 5m/s at 20℃ environmental temperature. Covering the air ducts of the motor and disturbing the propeller slipstream may cause malfunction of the motor due to overheating.