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Counterfeit glow plug evaluation

At O.S. Engines, we evaluated the following counterfeit glow plugs.

Evaluation results of counterfeit products

1. Threads on some counterfeit glow plugs are defective and cannot be install to the cylinder head correctly. Forcing in will only damage the head.

2. The shape of the coil and number of coils are different from the original.

3. The wire diameter of the coil is different.

4. The dimensions and shape of the center electrode are significantly different.

5. There is a clear difference in driving performance:
     -Idle is not stable
     -Engine stalls more often
     -Less power/Engine feels heavier
     -Throttle response is not as responsive

The use of counterfeit products may cause unexpected malfunctions and/or damages.
We are not liable for any damages or losses caused to the customer who purchase or use of these counterfeit products.

See the website below for how to distinguish and select genuine products.

To prevent accidental purchase and use of counterfeit products, please purchase our products at a reliable dealer.