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  • Please be careful about counterfeit products.
Please be careful about counterfeit products.

Thank you for your continued support of our products.
It was discovered that counterfeit products of our "O.S. Glow Plug" are being sold on Internet sites.
We are making efforts such as giving warnings to the vendors who sell counterfeit products, but even if you are a customer, please check carefully before purchasing. Thank you for your cooperation.

Difference between genuine product and counterfeit product.

* Currently, the product packaging (the blister cards) and products are printed and engraved differently from the genuine products, but the features of the counterfeit products are not limited to this because they may be modified.
* Currently, only No. 8 glow plug can be confirmed as conterfeit products. Other glow plugs are unconfirmed.
If a counterfeit product of another product are discovered, we will promptly announce it on our website.

Difference between O.S. logo and product name marking (stamped and laser)

Genuine product has stamped O.S. and product name but counterfeit product is laser marking.

Pattern on the background of the blister card
Color and gradation

The pattern on the background of the genuine product is shown clearly, while the pattern on the background of the counterfeit product is shown rough and blurry.
Regarding the difference in color and gradation, the color of the genuine product is lighter than that of the counterfeit product, and the gradation is also strong.

Font of our homepage address

Comparing font between genuine product and counterfeit product, counterfeit product use italic font.

Typeface on No. 8

The circle in 8 of the genuine product has a sharp tip, while the counterfeit product has a rounded tip.

"These counterfeit products are manufactured by a third party without our permission, and our company does not guarantee the quality, and the use of counterfeit products may lead to unexpected failures or malfunctions.
We are not liable for any disadvantages such as damages or losses caused to the customer due to the purchase or use of these counterfeit products. "
"To prevent accidental purchase and use of counterfeit products, please purchase our products at a reliable dealers."