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In 2007, O.S., a pioneer and leading company in the mass production of 4-stroke model engines is proud to announce the first in a new line of “state of the art” 4-stroke model engines. Based on the original world leading FS series engines introduced to the modeling world over 30 years ago, the new FSα series incorporate many new features specifically incorporated in the FSα engines.

Muffler: The off-set distance is now adjustable as is the direction of the outlet for easier cowl installations.
Camshaft Housing: Decreased in width for less interference with the sides of the aircraft’s nose section.
Mounting: The new FSα-56 retains the same mounting dimensions and spacing as the FS-52S allowing the engine to be interchanged.
Piston: As with other O.S. brand engines, the piston has been fabricated from a high silicon content aluminum.

Crankcase Venting: No longer used. Excess crankcase oil is now drawn by negative pressure through notches cut in the sides of the cam follower housing through the pushrod tubes into the rocker cover and injected back into the engine combustion chamber via a pin hole drilled along the side of the intake valve guide.

A significant feature is the elimination of the crankcase oil breather nipple with the oil that would normally be expelled on the aircraft now being recirculated through the engine.

In addition, the connecting rod, wristpin and valve assembly have all been beefed up for increased strength and the carburetor modified for increased and more suitable performance.

If you are looking for an engine with the latest in engine technology, quality and power, you should consider the new FSα series engines.

Carburetor: The new model carburetor features an extended intake tube to restrain the reverse flow of the air/fuel mixture.
Rocker Arm Cover: An aluminum casting anodized Sapphire blue in color with O.S. Four Stroke and Alpha symbol in raised letters on the top.

Connecting Rod: Beefed up and stronger than those used in the former FS Series engines.

Valve Train Parts: Up grated and that heat treated harder for increased wear resistance.
Crankshaft: Redesigned with more precise quality. Bearings: As with all O.S. engines, only the highest quality bearings are used.

FSα- 56

Displacement 9.32cc  0.569cu.in
Bore 24.0mm  0.945 in
Stroke 20.6mm  0.811in
Weight 16.26oz   With Silencer
Output 1.0 ps /10,000 rpm
Accessories F-4040 Silencer
SUGGESTED PROPELLER SIZES 10×8 ~ 9    11×7 ~ 9    12×6 ~ 8    13×6 ~ 7

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