Shigeo Ogawa (1917-1992)

Born in 1917 in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture.
Highly fond of tinkering with machines from childhood.
Advances to an industrial school to learn actual technology where engineering fundamentals were acquired.
Received a special award at a student science model fair, which becomes the start of model engine building.
Received the FAI Paul Tissandier Diploma in 1984, the highest honor in the aviation world.
Also widely known among fans in Japan as an avid live steam locomotive enthusiast.

O.S. is one of the world leading companies devoted solely to the manufacture of model engines and Live Steam Locomotives. The high standards of skilled craftsmanship that have been developed through the 80 years of O.S. engine production history introduced the world's first model rotary engine, and, more recently, Electronic Fuel Injection system engine ranging from the small displacement .10 engine up to the larger Five cylinder radial four-stroke 3.0 engine. For the production of O.S. engines, modern precision machinery and carefully selected top quality materials are employed to ensure consistent performance and long life. O.S. will always seek "quality and performance" with worldwide users.

1936   Mr. Shigeo Ogawa set up his business, starting with the production of the model engine "Type-1".
1941   O.S. Engines MFG. Co., Ltd was established.
1954   Started the business of radio control equipment for models.
1968   Succeeded in merchandizing the wankel engine for models.
1973   Developed the first glow engines with schnuerle scavenging system in Japan.
1976   Started the production of four-stroke engines for models.
1978   Started the business of live steam locomotives.
1983   Established the factory with full automatic operation in Nara.
1984   Built 1.8km layout for our live steam locomotives at our Nara factory.
1986   50th anniversary of the company.
1990   Developed super-charged four-stroke engine for models.
1993   Joined the group of Futaba corporation.
1996   60th anniversary of the company.
1997   Built the model car circuit course at our Nara factory.
1999   Developed Electoronic Fuel Injection system engine for models.


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