You will fully appreciate the FS-95V when using it to power a model designed for 2-stroke .60 and 4-stroke .90 glow engines. Whether mounted inside the cowl of a scale model or installed on a sport model with the engine exposed, the FS-95V carries your favorite plane to new levels of performance.

The excellence of the FS-95V goes beyond its looks. To match the angled valve layout, the cylinder head is engineered using a different material than that of the crankcase. The result: Steady power at all times, due to the optimal balance between high combustion efficiency and effective cooling.

The new silencer is named Jet Stream, which may sound nostalgic to old O.S. fans. Not only is its unique outline and gentle fin shape pleasing to the eye, but you'll also appreciate the authentic 4-stroke sound.

The carburetor is positioned on the center line for easy installation in a variety of models. When upgrading an existing plane to the FS-95V, you won't need to worry about the fuel level.

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