O.S. celebrates it's 70th Anniversary with a scale engine masterpiece - The O.S. IL-300.

Displacement 50.2cc(3.062cu.in)
Bore 25.8mm(1.016in.)
Stroke 24.0mm(0.846in.)
Practical r.p.m. Range
Weight 2,350g(83.0oz.)
With it's finely detailed design and outstanding scale appearance, the engine's quality is second to none.

There are many ways to enjoy the hobby/sport of R/C model airplanes. One of these is to enjoy the experience of flying the replica of a full size aircraft. However, there is more to the flying experience than just the airplane. A replica engine completes the experience. In the past, O.S. Engines developed scale type horizontally opposed and radial engines intended for the scale type airplane.

Now, 70 years after O.S. Engines was founded, O.S. is introducing a new engine for scale modelers - the IL-300 Dia-Star. The IL-300 is a four-cylinder inline engine that reproduces the type of engine widely used in the early 1900s - the dawn of true-to-life aircraft. This engine which embodies the strong spirit of the late Mr. Shigeo Ogawa, the founder of O.S. Engines, has the perfect style and appearance to reproduce the elegance of the full size aircraft in a scale model. From the inline four cylinders to the open push rods and rocker arms, the feeling of realism has been carries out. And even with the engine's scale appearance, every effort has been taken to maintain a high level of performance.

At first glance, the height of the cylinders would lead one to believe that the IL-300 is a long stroke engine. However, this is not the case. The engine is actually close to being of "square" design with the cylinder height and connecting rod length having been increased for more "scale like" appearance. Only the best materials available have been selected for the IL-300. The crankcase and head are fabricated from aluminum die-casting while the rocker arms, camshaft and crankshaft have been precision machined to extremely close toleraqnces.

As with all four-stroke engines in the O.S. line, modelers can be sure the IL-300 Dia-Star will maintain the same features of stress free starting, super smooth idling, and high torque power which is always the hallmark of O.S. large size multi-cylinder engines.

All materials have been carefully selected and machined to the highest precision standards. The design philosophy and expertise of the O.S. design engineers has given birth to this new IL-300 engine.

With it's scale realism, reliable starting and stable power, this high performance engine remains true to O.S.'s exacting standards.
When taking into consideration the appearance of the engines used in the older full size aircraft such as the WW I Albatross, the height of the engine has been increased in order to maintain a scale appearance.

2006Autumn IL-300 21VZ-V V-spec 49-PI TYPE II MAX-55AX FS-200S